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You'd love a 'one stop shop' for lesson plans, training videos and teaching resources.

our community

The Inner Circle is a global community of piano teachers who want to teach more than just the same old thing in the same old way day after day, year after year. 

It's a place for piano teachers to learn and share what's working and what's not working. It's a place to give your ideas and receive feedback. ​It's a place to be happy about your teaching. 

Members share an entrepreneurial approach to both teaching and business. They create innovative lessons for their students while building business structures that support their goals. 

Marie Lee
Wendy Love
Karen Lien
Jennifer Foxx
Sarah Kirby

A one-stop shop for creative inspiration

The Inner Circle is a piano teacher's one-stop shop for creative inspiration! Not only do you get all of Tim's secret formulas for making piano come alive for your students, but you get to collaborate with other teachers from all over the world. I've already purchased several helpful books or read informative articles that others have suggested. Exciting to be a part of something so innovative.

It's got me practising more!

Well what can I say about the Inner Circle – it's fabulous! I love the amount of information and teaching ideas that I have come across so far and I still have plenty to explore. I love hearing what other teachers have to say about how they teach and the resources they use. It’s also been a boost to my self-confidence as a teacher to know that I am on the right track with my teaching when I read what other teachers are doing and realise that I do a lot of the same things.

Created a new-look website with help from the IC

I have Tim to thank for the new look of my website. In his website critique forum, he gave me excellent suggestions on the website improvements. As for the focus tools, I was inspired by Tim, too. Because of the question he asked in the member spotlight, I started writing a blog about my number one teaching tool.

The Teaching Videos are Brilliant!

Did you ever wish on occasion that you could be a fly on the wall in somebody else's music studio observing their teaching? Well, that is just a taste of what you can find in the Inner Circle. Tim Topham shares teaching videos, workshops, holds mastermind groups, how-to videos and more. The community forum is an added benefit where teachers can share, ask questions and collaborate. The Inner Circle is the place to be.

Finding new ways to run my studio

Wow! I can’t believe the first challenge is completed! As someone that is very list-oriented, this was exactly what I needed to get my studio ready to start the school year up again in September. It helped keep me on track and accountable with finishing that list of things I’d been letting slide. The inspiration that comes from everyone else’s ideas and thoughts is also invaluable. Seeing everyone else’s goals was a great way to get a new perspective on ways to run a studio. I am really looking forward to the next challenge!

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Studio Growth Roadmap

You get access to a step-by-step guide to the entire process of building and growing an amazing piano studio.

Access to Experts

Join the best-known teaching experts from around the world as they give you ideas and answer your questions.

Live Coaching

Attend free live online coaching calls with specialists to ensure you're always up to date.

Member Discounts

Access exclusive discounts on training, sheet music, products and services from our trusted partners.

Member Forums

Spark a discussion, ask questions, share ideas and feel supported in our vibrant member forums.

Beating Overwhelm

Through creating a Growth Journal, you'll see the big picture and be able to set and achieve your goals.

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Our comprehensive step-by-step training courses provide you with everything you need to know to build and grow a thriving teaching studio. Here is a look at just some of our most popular Academy Courses:



Engaging beginners with fun, creative activities away from reading and method books is by far the best way of sparking their curiosity about music and engaging them in lessons.

Let me show you the creative potential of your teaching when you leave method books aside and instead explore improvising, creativity, aural and listening skills. It's easier than you think!

With my step-by-step lesson plans and demonstration videos, you'll feel confident and supported as you inspire your beginners.


If you're a classically-trained teacher, then you might find the chord-based nature of playing and teaching pop music a little foreign to you.

Let me help you with the biggest issues facing teachers of pop music: how to teach chords and lead sheets, how to simplify music that's too hard, how to teach rhythm and whether students should use YouTube.

You'll learn how to teach pop music by ear, how to create chord progressions, how to use technology and how to help students create their own pop arrangements.

piano teacher training course


If you want to build something lasting and not feel like you're reinventing the wheel, it's great to have a blueprint to guide you along the way. 

That's why we created the Beginner Teacher Blueprint course which steps you through the entire process of establishing your studio, from deciding on the best format for teaching, to policies, practice, parental communication, motivation - you name it, we've covered it. 

And this isn't just for beginner teachers - it's for any teacher needing a little extra guidance along the way.


Teaching students about chords and how easy it is to compose great sounding music through a chordal approach is one of my favourite activities in a modern piano lesson.    

In this course, I'll take you step-by-step through my "4 Chord Composing" approach. Watch as I teach my student live in class so you see exactly how it works.

This content is perfect for transfer students, teens and adults in particular and I guarantee your students will love it. Seriously!

piano teacher training course


If you've been putting off creating or updating your studio website, now's the time to kick yourself into gear!

Having an effective website is one of the most important factors for any successful studio today but finding out how to build or update one can be a real challenge. 

In this course, we take you step-by-step through the entire process and show you where to click, what to write, how to insert pictures - everything you need to know to get started. 

You even get a 20-page colour PDF checklist and guide to download and keep.


Group Piano Teaching is becoming increasingly popular around the world at the moment and for good reason. 

Not only does group teaching build a sense of community in your studio, students improve their ability to play in time, sight read music and perform confidently while being motivated to practise by their peers. 

This course takes you through the entire process of converting to group teaching or just adding group teaching elements to your current studio format. This course includes lesson plans, sheet music and backing tracks. 

Meet YOUR experts

I've invited world class experts in music education, business and piano instruction to join the community to help answer your questions, challenge your thinking and inspire your teaching. 

Click on a photo to find out more.

Leila Viss
Technology Specialist

Carol Matz
Composer & Arranger

Bradley Sowash
Composer & Jazz Pianist

Tracey Selle
Teacher & Presenter

Nick Ambrosino
Author, Speaker, Coach

piano teaching perth creativity

Lyndel Kennedy
Improvisation Specialist

Paul Myatt
Music Ed Entrepreneur

Daniel McFarlane
Composer, Teacher, Presenter

Vincent Arcega
Anne Kavanagh
Jannelle Bracken
Biff Fink
Sue Piatt

Just what I needed as a new teacher

I've been looking for something like this forever dating back to when I was a student. I've been teaching now for four years. As a student I was always bored with the methods of teaching, so now as a teacher I'm always looking for better methods for teaching. Thank you so much and I can't wait to learn more from you.

Giving me the push I need to succeed

I have a 17 year old lad who's been with me for approximately 10 yrs. He is currently preparing his programme for his leaving certificate practical exam. I know he's been feeling the pressure from life so I asked him this week if he'd like to have a go at the 12 bar blues, just for the craic (as we say here in Ireland!). Boy, you should have seen his face light up!! And then we got playing. That was a great feel-good moment for us both. I'm so looking forward to hearing what he's done this week. Thanks for giving me the tools!... and the push.

Really cool online community!

I joined the IC back in March or April, and have enjoyed it immensely, even though I haven’t had time to take advantage of everything available/offered yet. Welcome to a really cool online community, and have a great day!

Best Site for Piano Teachers

First off, can’t thank you enough for your superb site. The range of resources and your complete zeal for piano teaching are mesmerizing and infectious.


This has been such a great place to keep me accountable. I find myself reflecting back over the goals I have written down throughout the weeks, simply because I took time to do it. Thank you Tim for integrating this into the inner circle!

What is membership really like?


As a member, you'll get access to a Studio Growth Roadmap to guide you through every step of your studio and teaching development.

We've curated every video, blog post, podcast, PDF, webinar and training course into a structured step-by-step plan to take you from novice to expert and beyond, as quickly as possible. 

Where will you start your journey?

EXCLUSIVE sign-up bonuses


If you want to streamline your business processes and take the headaches out of scheduling, billing, reporting and communication, MyMusicStaff is your solution. Get a 90 day free access trial when you join the Inner Circle.

Piano Safari

PianoSafari is the new beginner method by Dr Julie Knerr and Katherine Fisher featuring improvising, rote pieces, technical work and exciting reading pieces that I use with young beginners. Get 10% off every order online.

Inter@ctive Piano Method

Carol Matz, one of the world's best-known composers and arrangers and IC Expert Teacher, has created a beginner method with a fun, interactive online experience. IC members get 15% off all Interactive Piano teaching resources. 


Noviscore has some of the best arrangements available of pop music online. Arrangements come in 4 levels of difficulty to suit any student. Inner Circle members get 25% off ongoing. You won't find this anywhere else.

Discover the Art of Improv

Ever wondered how cool it would be if your students could create music using film, sound and story? IC members get an ongoing 10% off Inner Musician teacher memberships from IC Expert Teacher Lyndel Kennedy. 


Get 15% off all purchases on the AirTurn online store. AirTurn not only supplies the famous Bluetooth page turners, but a whole variety of tech accessories for your studio. Check it out today - you'll never look back!

Elena Cobb Publishing

Tired of all your old repertoire books? Looking for help teaching jazz to beginners? Needs some fun, modern music? When you join, you'll get 10% off any purchase at when you browse her extensive catalogue.

Music Educator Resources

Get 10% off any online course from Inner Circle Expert Teacher: Jennifer Foxx. Courses include "Creating a Studio Policy and Sticking to it!" and "Make More Teach Less: a Guide to running the best Summer Camps".

Live Online Improv Lessons

Learn to improvise in live online group lessons with master teacher and Inner Circle Expert, Bradley Sowash. Members get 20% off courses designed to support piano teachers get more creative in their playing and teaching. 

Is the Inner Circle right for you?

Wondering if you're a good fit for the community?

The Inner Circle isn't for everyone and so I want to make it really clear who this membership is going to suit. 

You will love being an Inner Circle member if you are: 

  • Eager to expand your teaching repertoire and get creative in your studio.
  • Dreaming of a studio full of the most engaged and motivated students. 
  • Struggling to maintain a good balance with your family and social life.
  • Interested in finding out how you can diversify your income streams.
  • Sick of wasting time on Facebook and dealing with rude people.
  • Feeling overwhelmed and looking for a clear pathway to success.
  • Prepared to commit time and money to your own professional development. 
  • Ready to take action now.

Membership might not be a good fit for you if you are:

  • 100% satisfied you're the best teacher you can be right now.
  • Feeling confident in all areas of your studio business and development.
  • Not prepared to commit time or money to your own regular professional development.
  • Confident that you're making as much income as you can. 

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  • Expert Access
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  • PianoFlix Access
  • Digital Downloads
  • Save 36% by going annual

Pay $399 now for a year's access.

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30-Day Money Back Guarantee

I understand that confirming your membership is a significant decision, so if you purchase a subscription and, within the first month, realise that this is not the right fit for you, simply send a message and I will refund your money immediately. 

Christopher Norton
Melody Payne
Sally Woods
Anita E Kohli
Janna Carlson

Well done Tim!

This site is typical of Tim Topham - smart, technologically bang-up-to-date and full of useful and worthwhile content. He brings a freshness and enthusiasm to the field of piano teaching that is both infectious and delightful. Subscribe and learn!

The most comprehensive online training for piano teachers

Tim Topham's exciting new teacher training videos provide piano teachers with the information and confidence they need to start teaching pop piano right away. This video series is packed with relevant and informative content presented in a thoughtful and sequential way. I am so impressed with this refreshing, exciting, and practical video series, and I can say with the utmost confidence that through this video series, piano teachers will learn everything they need to know to be highly successful at teaching pop piano in their studios, and their students will be playing their favorite pop songs in no time.

I'm not alone anymore!

I have learnt so much from others already in the short time I have been involved with the IC and am starting to feel like I am not alone anymore - there are so many others having the same problems and successes as I am! I think it is wonderful that there are so many that are willing to share their ideas and give support and encouragement just when I need it! I am very excited and grateful to be a part of such an amazing group of teachers.

It's all about the community

It's really great to be a part of your Inner Circle. My first years of piano teaching were very solitary, and had very little access to knowledge. It makes such a difference being part of a community!

Best decision I've made!

I'm already feeling great about my decision to join the IC. When I post in the forums, it feels like I cut through the noise that can occur on Facebook groups and get really solid feedback. I've already got some helpful thoughts from other teachers that I'm mulling over.

Frequently asked questions

Click on the question to find the answer to some of the most asked questions about the Inner Circle. Do you have a question that isn't answered here? Please contact me and let me know.

Is the Inner Circle the place for me?

I've only got a small studio. How do other teachers afford this?

Do you charge extra when you release new courses?

How is this community different to the Facebook groups I follow?

Is all the content available straight away? 

What if I'm already a great teacher with a full studio. Is there any point?

What exactly is included?

Will you be adding new content or is it all there already?

How do I get value for money?

Do I receive anything in the mail when I join?

What if I want to cancel my membership?


If you still have queries that haven't been answered here, please contact me.
Otherwise, I look forward to welcoming you inside the Inner Circle soon.

the piano teachers' community